Friday, March 6, 2015

Personal wellness - a critical ingredient to team optimization

Personal wellness is critical for optimizing a team. Everyone is faced with a multitude of tasks, responsibilities and demands. In order to make it through and "survive", people sometimes put their own personal well-being on the back burner. This practice, however, has the reverse effect and slows our ability to respond, decreases our productivity and lessens our level of engagement. We must prioritize our personal wellness in a way that not only allows us to survive....but to thrive!

In their 2009 book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership: Tools and Tactics for Changing Your Organization and the World authors Heifetz, Linsky and Grashow write:

"Thriving is much more than survival; thriving means growing and prospering in new and challenging environments. To thrive you need resilience (shock absorbers to remain steady over the bumps of the journey), robust strength (health and stamina), and renewal. Renewal is the active process of removing the plaque of tough experience and scars from the journey and returning to the core of your values and being. Renewal requires transformation of the heart and guts as well as the head."

It does not matter what role you play on our BAS team or where you physically work. Each of us can incorporate personal wellness into our day. Whether it is taking a five minute walk around your building, doing a brief meditation, doing a quick stretch or simply taking a deep breath, finding ways to balance ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically makes a world of difference. It enhances our decision making and allows us to be more present.

One great program offered on our campus is the Cruz Fit program
. This is my second year participating, and I am a proud member of the "Killa Watts" team. Last week we decided to meet up with the "0-Emission Fitness Commission" team (can you tell I am doing the Cruz Fit program with several team members who work in the energy department) for a lunchtime hike. It was a perfect way to get fresh air and build relationships with my BAS team mates. We all headed back to our work place feeling energized and ready to tackle the afternoon challenges.

Our Cruz Fit teams out on a lunchtime hike

I encourage each of us to support our team mates as they incorporate personal wellness into their day. I hope every BAS supervisor and department manager will model these values for team members in their units.

A slug I am,

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