Monday, January 12, 2015

BAS - A Gateway as Opposed to a Gatekeeper

The BAS mission statement says our division exists to advance education, exploration and engagement. This statement reflects the notion that our division is not the end of the campus mission but rather it is part of the means. We serve a campus mission that provides a transformational experience for students who graduate and move on to solve the world's greatest challenges. We serve a campus mission that not only teaches the current body of world knowledge but actively researches and advances this body of knowledge.

I was at a meeting a few months ago in Santa Barbara and one of the speakers said that they wanted their campus operations to be "a gateway as opposed to a gatekeeper". I thought this a wonderful statement that is relevant to our BAS division. We must ensure we are a gateway and not a gatekeeper for advancing the campus mission. We act as a gateway in numerous areas of UCSC life. The programs offered in our residence halls serve as a gateway to advancing student development. The processes we manage serve as a gateway for researches to procure the goods needed to engage in world changing research. The grounds we maintain serve as a gateway for the campus community to come together and build relationships. The list goes on and on.

As BAS launches its new strategic plan and works to advance education, exploration and engagement let us all work every day to be a gateway to something greater than ourselves.

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