Thursday, October 30, 2014

Opening our doors

Colleagues from across campus descended upon 1201 Shaffer Rd on October 29th for the first ever BAS open house. Our hosts were the team members of Staff Human Resources (SHR).

Attendees were greeted by smiling faces, informational displays, games and opportunities to engage with SHR in a new way.

Our SHR team used creativity, teamwork and their subject matter expertise to provide a wonderful experience for everyone who walked through the doors.

The BAS open houses are a new mechanism for "telling our BAS story". Often times our daily tasks and competing projects prevent us from taking the time to strategically tell our story and engage with our clients in a way that strengthens relationships and enhances trust. The open houses are the perfect forum for achieving these ends, and SHR set the bar high for future events.

I am so grateful for the efforts of our SHR team. I also am grateful for our colleagues from other unit who took the time to attend the open house and engage with us in a new way.

The pictures below articulate the success of the open house better than my words ever could.

A slug I am,

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