Sunday, September 28, 2014

BAS moves in!

The trucks arrive packed with boxes and blankets and microwaves. Parents savor the last few hours spent with their sons and daughters before they leave them to start the next life chapter. Roommates shake hands as they meet each other for the first time. Laughter and chatter and hugs and selfies all erupt simultaneously in rooms and hallways and courtyards all across campus. It is fall 2014 move-in, and for students new and returning, this is a monumental moment in their lives.

The sign at the main campus entrance greets families on a monumental day.

Many of our BAS team members, due to the nature of their jobs, play critical roles during move-in. This year, however, we launched a new program called "BAS Moves In".  As part of this program, we invited BAS team members to volunteer during move-in. Volunteers helped welcome families, pass out packets, carry boxes and answer questions. Staff HR, Procurement, Physical Plant, Real Estate, Risk Services and Environmental Health & Safety were just some of the BAS units sending volunteers over a five-day period. Some of these volunteers have worked at UCSC for many years and some have only worked here for a few weeks, but all got to see a special side of our campus and its mission. I asked volunteers to send me pictures and impressions from their experience. Here are some of the highlights:

The College 9 & 10 move-in is a well orchestrated activity, with families moving in within
a matter of minutes due to the help of volunteers unpacking cars

Dennis Roberts, Director of CHES Business and Financial Analysis
helps a family move in their refrigerator

Pat Goff, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, helping
families carry boxes

When telling me about his volunteer experience, Pat Goff, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, said "Helping Edward, sociology major from the Los Angeles area, find his room and carry his stuff, made me appreciate how truly special UCSC is. Seeing him meet his roommate for the first time brought back memories of that very exciting moment in life."

Our Staff HR volunteers helping our students
find their way to their new home

Tess Waldo and Tanya Durbin were two of our volunteers from Staff HR. They told me that they were struck by the cheerful way they were welcomed to their assignment by our residence life staff in Porter. During their shift they met Jacob and his family. Tess said that "Jacob graduated from high school at 16, went to a community college and got his AA degree, then transferred in to UCSC as a junior. Way to go Jacob!"  Tess and Tanya also tracked their experience via a FitBit. The number of miles walked during their volunteer shift?......5.66!

Tess Waldo and Tanya Durbin, from Staff HR, with
Jacob's family

Volunteers Lars Panzer (BAS ORM) and Raquel Carrillo (Environmental Health and Safety)
talking about their assignment from Merrill College Administrative Officer Alex Belisario
Cindy Delgado, from Risk Services, captured a pic of enthusiastic volunteers
ready to lend a hand.

One of the Principles of Community flags that adorn each college this fall. BAS was
one of the sponsors of this flag initiative.

Marie Logan, from BAS-ORM, said of her volunteer experience "I spoke to families who had traveled from as far as Arizona, and as close as Campbell. There were students who had groups of 8 family members to send them off, and parents taking photos of and savoring every last moment with their students. I met parents who had never visited the campus before that day and I was able to provide them the lay of the land, so to speak. One parent even asked about what traffic on Highway 1 would be like at a particular time of the day and asked advice about getting around. She said that hint was the best value added of everything that had happened so far! Like others, I was very impressed with the way the permanent residence life staff ran the show. It was very smooth and made things easy for the parents and students. It was a great experience. I enjoyed myself so much that I worked past the end of my shift."

A beautiful day for a move-in at Crown Merrill
Dan Miceli from the Physical Plant, when sharing his experience, said that "I got to see another side of operations that I don't get too experience too often." 

The walk up to Cowell Stevenson gave Dan Miceli, Physical Plant, a
different view of the student experience

Detmar Finke, Staff HR, was one of the volunteers at the Crown-Merrill

Detmar Finke, from Staff HR, gave a beautiful summary of his volunteer experience, saying "Saturday Move In at Crown - Merrill Colleges found a sunny Autumn day with wisps of clouds weaved into the treeline and a refreshing hint of chill on the breeze. The arriving cars wore license plates from all over the country and delivered wide eyed families whose excitement pervaded every corner of the campus. To see the new students all puffed up with their adoring younger siblings and proud parents take that group photo in front of the College never got old. Truly moving. After settling in, I overheard one family in line for the shuttle out answering their dad when he asked what they wanted to eat….Boardwalk Food!!!! I am proud to be part of the committee to welcome so many families to our wonderful University Life up in the trees by the seashore." If Detmar's summary does not demonstrate why this volunteer experience is special, then I don't know what can.

I'm so proud of our BAS move-in volunteers! We have started a new tradition and I am thrilled to take part in this tradition with my BAS teammates.

A slug I am,


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