Monday, December 16, 2013

The power of team: Fostering team health in BAS

This morning I had the honor of presenting to our campus dining unit as part of their "Dining University 2013".  This is a multi-day training where the entire dining unit discusses everything ranging from teamwork to culinary training to safety training. Their theme this year was "Believe" and so I gave a presentation called "Believe in the Power of Team".  I shared with these colleagues that team health needs to form the foundation of the path forward for BAS.  While it is vital to look at operations and processes and continually assess how we can best serve the mission of UCSC, it is also important that we work to ensure our team is healthy.

A 2011 national survey of over 700 organizations conducted by Right Management found that "the top reason for a leader's failure is the inability or unwillingness to build relationships and a team environment".  This held true across all organizational types and industries and reiterates just how important team health is.  According to the Great Places to Work Institute "people experience a great workplace when they feel as though they make a difference in their organization, that their work is meaningful. They are also proud of their team’s accomplishments, and the contributions the organization makes to the community at large."  This morning, we reviewed ways that we can support this type of environment in BAS.

I had the honor of presenting at Dining University 2013 and telling our
teammates in that unit how much they contribute to our campus mission

In recent months, through meetings and roundtables, I have had some wonderful discussions with teammates about how we can foster team health and employee engagement in BAS.  Team members in our division give not only of their minds, but they also give of their hearts as they go about advancing the mission of UCSC. It is critical that we take time out to ensure we are taking the temperature of our team and engaging with colleagues to identify what is working well and what needs to be enhanced to maximize a healthy working environment.

It was a pleasure to spend time with our dining colleagues to discuss the power of team.  As I shared with them, they are daily Ambassadors of our campus mission.  Every day, students, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors gather around meals prepared by these team members as they build relationships and engage in crucial conversations. Our dining facilities serve as the backdrop for countless, critical moments in the transformational experience of UCSC.

My deepest appreciation goes to everyone who was part of the program this morning.  I look forward to discussing the "power of team" with colleagues across all units in BAS.

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