Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to college!

Over the last week, we welcomed residential students to campus as we get ready to kick off another academic year.   Some were returning students and some were new to our community.  Some were undergraduate transfers and others were graduate students. Each one of our residential students brings with them a life story full of challenges, achievements, and a differing path that brought them to this campus in the redwoods.

As I helped with move-in on Saturday, the fog had settled at the rooftops and treetops....making an already exciting day seem magical.  Though there were times when the raindrops would fall, it did not temper the spirit of the day.  New students were greeted by smiling faces as members of the UCSC community welcomed them and helped them move into their new home.  Families gathered for pictures, unpacked bags, and took in each moment of this monumental milestone in the life of their student.  Move in was a family affair, and in so many cases a family achievement made possible by untold stories of sacrifice.

One of the signs greeting our new students

One of my favorite moments was at the Porter move-in. As every frosh walked to the check-in table, they were greeted (without fail) by a hearty "Welcome to college!!!"  The student checking them in didn't just say the words, rather he exclaimed them with a raw enthusiasm that symbolized to each and every student that this was a moment to remember and that we are so very glad they are here. They are the reason we serve.

Let us never forget the reason we are here.  Cheers to the year ahead!

A slug I am,

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