Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A reflection on 365 days

One year ago today, I arrived on campus to begin my tenure as the Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services at UC Santa Cruz.  My very first appointment that morning was addressing the Residence Life team as their RAs, CAs, and NAs kicked off their fall training.  I loved the symbolism of starting my tenure with them for two reasons: 1) my final speaking engagement at my last campus had been with the resident assistants, and I liked starting my new role in the same way and 2) the reason we serve here is our students.  Spending my first morning at UCSC with a group who are not only students themselves, but who serve in critical leadership roles assisting their peers meant so very much to me. Yesterday, I joined the Residence Life team once again to help kick off their fall 2013 training.  It was the perfect bookend to my first year.

The Residence Life team getting ready to do the "Slug Life"
chant during my presentation at fall training

Over the last 365 days, my passion for the UCSC mission has only grown.  This community has welcomed me and my colleagues from across campus have shared with me their dreams, their pressures, their concerns, and their ideas to ensure our campus survives and thrives in these challenging times.  This is a very special place built upon strong academic programs and first-rate research.  We are a community that reflects the diversity of the world around us.  Lives are shaped here and graduates enter their vocations with a passion to make a difference and tackle the seemingly unsolvable problems of the world.

I am fortunate beyond words to serve here, and the team members I serve alongside inspire me daily.  I look forward to the year ahead.

A slug I am,

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